FAQ's & Terms of Service

Yes you can. We only ask you to be considerate of others. Coolers, cases of drinks, big platters, or anything deemed to be a part of an impromptu celebration will not be allowed.

We have received several requests from customers to have their celebrations inside Play City, without having to book a party package.

We regret to inform you that as per company policy, and in line with common business practices, Play City does not allow "impromptu" party celebrations (which include but are not limited to decorations, party favors, and party desserts) without a proper party booking, inside the premises. You will not be allowed to bring drinks, balloons, gifts, cake, cupcakes, donuts or anything else that looks like a dessert or a party decoration.

We also reserve the right not to allow access to adults who are not accompanying a child.

We have lots of options if you want to have a gathering or if you want a party. Ask us party@kidsplaycity.com.

Yes, all kids are required to have grip socks in order to participate. Outside grip socks are OK.

If you forget their grip socks, we have grip socks available for sale.

Parents need socks only when entering the dedicated Toddler Area. We do this to keep this area as hygienic as possible. If you don't have socks, you can always buy a pair from us. Regular socks are OK for adults.

No. Parents are NOT allowed on the Play Structure or on Bouncers. This policy is in place for the safety of the other kids playing around.

If you have a special needs child or a child with a disability, let us know at check in, so that we can allow access for the accompanying adult.

Children must be able to go on their own on the play structure. If at any point your child is in distress, our staff, and our staff only, will be at hand to help retrieve your child.

Yes. You can do that in person or online https://waiver.roller.app/kidsplaycity/

 Waivers are only needed for participating children, not adults.

No, once you leave our facility you would have to pay again to come back inside. Regular admission and our party add-on "Stay for the Day Pass" do not allow re-entries. Only those with a VIP membership are offered in and out privileges.

Yes, but upgrades will only be honored the day that the regular admission was purchased.

No. The Play Card can only be used for the same child.

No. The 10 visit Play Card can only be used for 2 children only, and those same children are the only ones allowed to use the promo card. One visit per child. So if you bring the two kids, we will take two visits from your Promo Card.

No. The 15 visit Play Card can only be used for 3 children only, and those same children are the only ones allowed to use the promo card. One visit per child. So if you bring the three kids, we will take three visits from your Promo Card.

No. Play City does not offer childcare, therefore we kindly ask you to always keep an eye on your little ones, and stay inside the premises at all times. Our staff is there to ensure the business runs smoothly and is clean, not babysit your children. 

Unfortunately as per company policy, CHILDREN WHO ARE UNWELL SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT TO PLAY , in order to avoid the transmission of illnesses between children.

If your child has a cast, brace, etc. they will not be allowed to play inside Play City for safety purposes.

For day to day questions send us an email to info@kidsplaycity.com . For party enquiries send us an email to party@kidsplaycity.com. Or simply send us a TEXT message to our mobile line 619 882 5663.

Yes. For all children that are able to crawl or if you want to have your child play inside toddler area, there will be a $10.00 charge (if under the age of 1). We also have a dedicated play pen specifically for this group age.

12 is the maximum age allowed. We won't charge you if they are not playing, but if our staff is aware that they are inside the play structure or using the inflatables, you will be asked to pay for their admission. No children above the age of 12 will be allowed to play.

No, your child will still be charged at regular price.
No. Only service dogs are allowed as defined by: the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the California Disabled Persons Act (CDPA), and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). (Federal disability rights laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As for Emotional Support Animals we will comply with ADA guidelines.
No. Use of electronic cigarettes prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 22950.5(c) (2017)) including, but not limited to, places of employment (Cal. Lab. Code § 6404.5 (2017)); family day care facilities (Cal. Health & Safety Code § 1596.795 (2017)); foster and group homes (Cal. Health & Safety Code § 1530.7 (2017)); within 25 feet of playgrounds or 250 feet of a youth sports events (Cal. Health & Safety Code § 104495(b),(d) (2017)); in public buildings or “within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of a public building.

Now more than ever we need to be mindful of the overall hygiene of the Play City environment. Therefore if you bring food, and leave it unattended for more than 15 minutes, we will clean the area, and throw it away to avoid any health hazards.


Yes, all bookings will be final when you put down your 50% deposit. If you don't leave a deposit, we will not hold the date or time of your party. No exceptions.

All party bookings are done on a first come first served basis.

Yes, but a different party area & time slot is subject to availability.

We do not make any guarantees that the party area assigned for that package will be available if you decide to upgrade.

All upgrades are subject to space, and availability.


For Parties: You qualify for a discount if you are an active member of the Military, DOD, Law Enforcement etc. Must have a valid ID. Discounts can only be applied at time of purchase (no exceptions). We cannot honor any discounts once a deposit has been received for a party. Please mention your Military status at the time of booking. The name on the ID must match the name on the reservation, extended family discounts will not be honored. 

For General Admission: You qualify for a discount with a military ID regardless of whether your status is active or retired. 

Military discount only applies to Party Packages and General Admission.

We allow a "courtesy time" of 15 minutes prior to your party time. That timing is approximate, and might not always be available. This time frame does not belong in any way to your party package. If you would like guaranteed set-up time, you have to purchase additional time before your party starts.

Please ask prior to bringing any decorations for your set-up in advance, since we are not responsible if they are left unattended. We might sometimes be able to hold things for you, then again we are not to be held responsible for them.

Yes you can, just let us know. Princesses or other characters, and even photo booths are OK. The only thing that we DO NOT allow is face painting or confetti. All entertainment must be confined to your party area as to not disrupt our other guests.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide access to our appliances due to health & safety concerns. 

We recommend bringing chafing dishes. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to store any personal items in our refrigerator and freezer. 

We suggest bringing a cake that does not require refrigeration. 

We also recommend bringing a cooler if you'd like to keep drinks cool.

Once a party is over we kindly ask all party guests to leave the facility, however we have several options to accommodate your party.

We have the Party Extension of either 30 minutes or 1 hour. The additional 30 minutes has a cost of $100.00 and the additional 1 hr has a cost of $200.00. For Patio parties an extra 30 minutes has a cost of $150.00 and the additional 1 hr has a cost of $300.00.

We now offer a Stay For The Day Pass depending on your party size. This pass is subject to availability and capacity. Visit our PARTIES tab for more details on these Add Ons.

All add-ons are subject to availability.

We do offer the possibility to do a facility rental. You can send your inquiry to party@kidsplaycity.com.

Mini, Classic, Deluxe, Super, and Patio get a VIP Membership (Mon-Sun. admission for 1 month after the party).

No other discounts or other privileges. Complimentary memberships are non-transferrable. No exceptions.

Memberships start the day after your party (no exceptions). You cannot choose a specific date to start the complementary membership.

This only applies to our Patio parties; indoor parties may not have any type of outdoor catering.

Yes, but please inform us at least 48 hours prior to your party so that we can make all necessary arrangements.

Unfortunately, piñatas are not allowed due to safety reasons as of 05/01/23. We have teamed up with the company "Fantasy Piñatas" to give you a much safer piñata-like experience. Please reach out to party@kidsplaycity.com for more information.

Yes. Please send us that list to party@kidsplaycity.com. That way we can check if everyone has a waiver, making your check-in swifter.

For parties we do ask you if the attendees can sign our online waiver. The waiver can be found on playcityeastlake.com/liabilitywaiver. Waivers are needed for the children, not the adults.

No refunds.


Once paid, all fees for Birthday Party Packages and other events are non-refundable. If you desire to reschedule your event, this is possible as long as you provide us with at least five (5) days written or electronic (emailed) notice of the desire to reschedule your event. Your rescheduled event must take place within one (1) year from the original event date. All event rescheduling is subject to availability regarding time, package, and area. In the event of a cancellation made less than 5 days before the scheduled date, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

Lost & Found

Play City will only hold the following specific list of items: Jackets, sweatshirts, blankets, prescription glasses, shoes, backpacks.

We will keep these items for no longer than 7 days. After this time, these items will be donated. Please note that these items will be held at discretion of Play City staff. Items that are soiled, damaged or otherwise deemed not able to be safely stored, will be disposed of.
As for electronic items such as cellphones, iPads, computers we expect them to be picked up in less than 48 hours, and person picking up must give an accurate description of the item before we hand it back.

As for wallets, and credit cards, we will safely store them inside our safe only for 7 days.

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone who shows any signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol (it’s against the law to consume cannabis in public places, so please refrain from doing so on Play City premises).

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone who disrupts in an impolite manner or that disrespects our staff or other patrons. We have zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment towards our staff, and other patrons.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement.

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